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RYNS Newest Track ‘Wavve’ Has My Brain in a Puddle

January 23, 2021 | Lindsey Blakley

This is probably the fastest write up I have ever done:

Solace Family’s own RYNS (Cristiaan) new track premiered on Headbang Society yesterday and HOLY HELL. Issa certified bop. Ok? No joke. My only complaint – I wish it was a whole EP.

** cough cough **

The way the track begins, it almost feels ethereal. It feels as if the song is about to be lighthearted and airy.


Man, was I mistaken. 40 seconds in, and the drop completely took control of the thought process I once knew.


This song rearranged my mind! I’m not playing.

The track features melodic and rhythmic elements but just throws your head underwater with the sick trap bass elements. I’m telling you, the track is called ‘Wavve’ for a reason. The world’s oceans are deeply melodic and rhythmic in nature, but there are times when the waters aren’t so calm. In fact, they can be quite deadly if you aren’t careful.

‘Wavve’ embodies the ocean in all facets.

Cristiaan told Headbang Society that he tried to keep things simple with a driving base. He added the melodic parts later, but all in all, the track came together rather quickly, and that the track is almost an exploration of rhythms and textures.

Even the cover art makes my brain feel like it’s being tickled. I know that sounds weird, but I also know I can’t be the only one that relates to that statement. I mean, look at it:

Now listen to the track and tell me your brain isn’t in the same condition mine is.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

The Future of RYNS

This man has the knowledge and skillset to create some real magic for us this year. Starting out on a note like ‘Wavve,’ it’s safe to say we better buckle up because he’s about to unleash the Kraken on us all.

Yo Cristiaan, thank you for starting off the year so recklessly. What a great way to put 2020 behind us for real.

Stay tuned for more of RYNS right here on Solace Family!

Listen to 'Wavve' now!

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