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Torbjørn Perfectly Wraps Up 2020 in His New Track, "Seen A Ghost"

January 16, 2021 | Lucy O'Brien

I think it’s safe to say we all saw a ghost in 2020, perhaps a plethora of them. Torbjørn is here to help us let loose and jam along to his new tune, “Seen A Ghost” (out on all platforms this past Wednesday, January 13th). He also sheds some light and insight on the dark, confusing times we have all lived through in so many different ways recently. We had the pleasure of getting some first-hand information about the new track from Torbjørn himself!

In general, Torbjørn tells us that his songwriting process varies from song to song. He says, “I try to learn something new as often as possible by watching YouTube tutorials on reverse-engineering production techniques from songs I already like. There are still days where I sit down at my piano or computer and just try to improve something that sparks my inspiration.”

The vocals on the song are something newer to him as well, which makes the track even more inspiring. He goes on to say, “It’s rare that I write songs with a ‘vocals first’ mentality, but now that I’m featuring my voice more on my work, I’m working to change that method.”

“Seen A Ghost” feels like a huge mix of emotions and feelings.

2020 was an eye-opening year for everyone -- across the entire world -- which is overwhelming to try to understand. The track has a beautiful intro with a soft build-up paired with Torbjørn rapping about the back and forth, the positive and negative, the difference in opinions that seem to have divided a lot of us as human beings.

The track tells a heavy story, and Torbjørn goes into detail about the nitty-gritty. He explains, “This song deals with this last year and seeing many people take different paths. It’s difficult to see loved ones struggle and make poor choices. My intention is that this song will tell a different story depending on who is listening. I hope people know that they’re not alone in whatever they’re going through right now.”

Torbjørn did a beautiful job at telling a subjective, heart-felt story while also incorporating funky instrumentals, glitches, and just basic human emotion wrapped up in a track.

A particular lyric that stands out to me in the track says, “these days the distance is proof to me, things change we ain’t like it used to be.”

No matter what, distance was and still is inevitable during this pandemic. It is tragic, scary, and just plain lonely. The loss the entire world has suffered, the loved ones lost, the fear of the unknown. We all feel it, and Torbjørn lets us know he feels it too.

On a positive note, he says his favorite part of the track is the bridge and the last chorus, stating, “I put a lot of effort into trying to use effects to drive home the emotion. This song was produced with Abelton. The beat started as a daily production exercise, and I also took some inspiration from Flume’s ‘Hi This Is Flume’ mixtape.”

Overall, Torbjørn’s looking forward to releasing a lot of music this year with his vocals as the centerpiece. He goes on to say, “I’ll be featuring as much of my own music and my peers’ new music on my weekly live stream #BASSoftheMondays every Monday at 8 pm PST on

Music fans can find him on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Audius, and pretty much any other major platform. He’ll be announcing remix contests and beat battles with cool prizes throughout the year as well, so fans and fellow producers can keep tabs on his website

Click here to listen to “Seen A Ghost”, out on all platforms now!

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Cheers to a positive year!

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