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Get Ready For A Sound-Fueled Journey Through 'Augmentation' - A Solace Family Compilation

Over here at Solace Family we are constantly proud of the work our artists and those outside of the label have been putting out. The work and dedication to their craft always shine with each and every one of their releases. So it is with great pleasure to present the Augmentation Compilation - a 12-track collection of some of our favorite boundary-pushing, genre-breaking tastemakers.

This is a massive release for Solace Family and we could not be more proud of what listeners are going to experience when they dive into this journey of sound. Augmentation highlights the individuality of these artists and everything they’re bringing to the table.

The artists you’ll be enjoying music from on this release include Viskus, Ujuu, Sushi Mane, STERFRY, Squirrely Bass, SaintMiller, SAAS, RYNS, jordnmoody, fluent, a buzz junior, and yxnwr collab, and last but certainly not least, adiios.

With such a wide range of talent and production, that means a multitude of genres to dive into and enjoy throughout the journey through this compilation. VISKUS and his track “Intentions” Ft. Skvlez brings high-energy distortions, weaved into an array of elements and genre-blending.

Our very own founder, Ujuu, throws listeners for a loop while “searching” for those weird and wobbly sounds with his addition to Augmentation. RYNS comes in with a DnB-inspired track, starting off with fast breaks and a heavy bassline that is just like its title “funfunfun.” But keeping listeners on their toes, things switch up the last half of the track.

Saint Miller asks listeners to “concentrate” on his absolute heater of a track. The aggressive, sonorous frequencies and crunchy elements are sure to have anyone who hears this whipping their hair back and forth. Then, we have jordnmoody and “shottas” a dirty, low-end filled collection of goosebump-inducing sounds.

These are just a few of the talented names and sounds you’ll find on Augmentation. Every artist involved brought something truly special to this. During the listening journey through the compilation, you can be sure to expect sounds that get your body moving, and everything else in between. There is something for everyone on Augmentation and we cannot wait for all of you to hear it!

The compilation drops Wednesday, 2/22 - pre-save it now, mark your calendars and don’t miss out!

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