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Solace Family’s Own Wiley and Jordnmoody Murdered It On Cyclops Recordings ‘PLANET CYCLOPS’ Out Now

May 8, 2021 | Lindsey Blakley

It happened y’all. Cyclops Recordings dropped its second Compilation, “PLANET CYCLOPS,” in three beloved playlists, ‘HEAVY ARTILLERY,’ ‘THE PSYCHEDELIC DIVISION,’ and of course, ‘HIGH KNEES HEADQUARTERS,’ which Subtronics and LEVEL UP kill it every time. Subtronics also has a track on The Psychedelic Division with Ace Aura. Solace Family’s Wiley (Jackson Wiley) and Jordnmoody (Jordan Moody), alongside Wreckno (Brandon Wisniski), found themselves in The Psychedelic Division as well with a new track titled, “Acidears.”

The track dropped on Wednesday and was a killer taster for the rest of the compilation. It’s hard to say if PLANET CYCLOPS out-did BOOTCAMP or not! Cyclops Recordings is coming in hot to the game, to say the least.

“Acidears” is the debut track for Wiley’s rebranding as well, and what a way to re-introduce himself. Wiley, formerly WileyCoyote, has changed his name for a number of personal reasons. In a recent post, he mentioned that when he began as WileyCoyote, he was brand new to music and producing. He started off producing hip hop beats for his friends and eventually found his love for electronic music, which led to him finding his sound that he now feels comfortable pursuing and experimenting with. He feels that he has evolved so much as a producer that it was best his project evolved as well. And so, the ‘Coyote’ was dropped, and Wiley was born.

If ‘Acidears’ is meant to be our taste of what’s to come for Wiley, we all better strap in. This heavy hitter will make you look twice at each of these artists to make sure you are listening to who you think. For those that have loved watching the evolution of Wiley, don’t worry. All of his music is still on Soundcloud. The name may be different, but the journey is still there for your streaming pleasure.

All of us at Solace Family are excited about this change for Jackson Wiley, and we can’t wait to see where he takes his newly evolved project.

If you haven’t yet listened to ‘Acidears’ or the rest of CYCLOPS PLANET Compilation, it’s time to get yourself in check. The playlists already have tens of thousands of streams on Soundcloud alone. Stream the compilation today, and let us know what you think!

To stream the compilation on Soundcloud, click here.

Keep up with Wiley here

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