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Fun Sure Is Fun!

Floppy Drive sits at his battle station in his loft in beautiful West Michigan, cloaked in sound proof foam and adorned by a single lava lamp. Instead of turning knobs until his fingers bleed, he's up there focused on having a good ass time. That is how his new single, Nature’s Balance was conceived. But before that, the Floppy Drive project was born out of a particularly difficult time in FD’s life, navigating the choppy waters of a breakup, a tale as old as time. “Who am I,” and “what do I want?” were the questions he was asking himself before he realized he wanted to give back to the community that had given him so much. That was four years ago, and now he is focused on having fun doing what he loves, sharing it with, and growing the community that he’s found is growing around him.

Floppy Drive sits at his desk, turning knobs for fun. He describes the process of making music as a nostalgic feeling—but one he hasn’t quite figured out. Why is it that learning something new can feel so familiar? His growing understanding is that calling on certain familiar emotions evoke certain sounds, which then evoke more emotions and then listening to the sounds that exist inside of him. Occasionally, he’ll reference his growing vinyl collection for some eclectic inspiration, but it's all focused on what feels good, what sounds good, and not forgetting the vibe is the most important thing. But what good is playing around if you're just playing with yourself?

Floppy Drive is working on building a team and a community that reaches his home in Grand Rapids and beyond. The more people he can reach, the bigger the party gets, and it's all about having fun (and being kind). A man is no better than the people he surrounds himself with, and Floppy Drive is trying to build a community that is focused on taking care of each other, being kind, and having fun, which can feel like a lost art in the scene from time to time.

Floppy Drive is casting a wide net with his new single, Nature’s Balance, an uplifting and funky track that grabs you in with the initial hook, and doesn’t let go. Personally, I have a hard time listening to it without imagining Floppy Drive’s signature big ass grin spinning around on stage. Music is all about having a good time, and how in the world do you not have a good time listening to music that sounds like a guy who, seemingly, can’t stop smiling and dancing around.

Floppy Drive can be found slinging merch and playing music from his upcoming EP in the Greater Grand Rapids area for acts like Boogie & Manic Focus Live Band and Papadosio this fall.

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