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Yewz unleashes his latest EP, "Blaze"

A yew tree is an ancient tree that takes thousands of years to grow into an enormous and everchanging masterpiece, and it is where Yewz gets his name. Yewz is a coder by day, working his day job at his desk at home, which is 6 feet from where he sleeps. The rest of his free time is spent at that same desk nurturing his music, painstakingly providing it

with the water and sunlight it needs to flourish, all the while trimming out and propagating the bits and pieces that have the potential to grow into something special. Flushing out inspiration for new track after new track, mulling over every detail, and doing his own PR, Yewz does it all. And the fruits of his labor have come into full bloom with his new EP and single featuring its namesake “Blaze.”

"Blaze" is a 5 track EP inspired by playing his first live show late last year as support for one of his personal favorites, SubDocta. Yewz said he planted the seeds for filling in on short notice during COVID during some of SubDocta’s livestreams and a relationship blossomed from that point. Yewz thought making music was his passion until that night, but it became clear straight away that performing the music he makes is his passion. As he charges ahead with live performances on his mind, he is scheduled to play 4 times as many dates in 2023 as he did in 2022, and plenty of time to keep adding to that number. Next stop: Minneapolis as support for Lumasi. Tickets to see Yewz do his favorite thing in the world are available here.

The title track "Blaze" sets the tone for the rest of the EP with an enormous sound that may set your speakers ablaze. The next song, "Get Down," is a little more dance-focused and a little less fire-safety-focused. "Fired Up" features a lot more hip-hop influence than the rest of the EP with Lowkea rapping over the track. The following two songs, "In Da Cut" and "Thinkin Bout U" utilize groovy beats and heavy basslines, and put a real emphasis on melody, driving home that dance floor feel that "Blaze" excels at. Personally, I think the EP ends just as it hits its peak, so I can’t wait to see what Yewz will have sprouting out of the dubstep scene for us next.

I really enjoyed talking with Yewz this week. I feel like I made a friend and somebody I can root for as I see him continue to grow and develop as a producer and as a DJ. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Yewz will be a name we’re seeing around the scene very often here in the next couple of years, so long as he continues to nurture his process with water and sunlight.

"Blaze" is available here. Let's grow together! `

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