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HUMORME's "Space Cowboy" Remix Is the Groovy Bop To Kick Off Festival Season

April 6, 2021 | Lucy O'Brien

Saddle up and get your boots ready because HUMORME has blessed us with an easy, breezy, beautiful remix of GSpace, Tiedye Ky, and Pipus' track titled "Space Cowboys". Ryan Miller, or better known as HUMORME has put a quirky, groovy, hip-hoppy spin on this classic tune, and I had the chance to get his direct insight on the making of this remix!

Prior to discussing the remix, I wanted some more details about HUMORME and what he is here to do in the music industry...He has so many insightful things to say about himself and others around him. Ry is a Filipino/American Electronic Hip Hop and Bass music producer from Louisville, Kentucky.

Currently living in Tampa, Florida, he is entering 2021 with a whole new catalog of music he will be releasing on his Soundcloud, as well as record labels soon to be announced. His return to shows and festivals will start April 22, 2021, in Morgantown, WV, alongside MeSo and BigCity. This upcoming year will be filled with music releases and returning to live performances.

Flipping the script, I was interested to know Ry's technical process for this fun and fresh remix. He said, "The original song already had a beautiful narrative with a lot of unique elements that complimented all three artists. It was exciting approaching all these different pieces, and it gave me an instant idea of adding a nice hip hop bounce type flow that gives the listener something to drop it low to but also kept the fun narrative of the song. Ableton is my DAW of choice, and a lot of the sound design I did in this song was done with an Ableton stock synth called operator."

Upon reading what Ry had to say about the original artists, it became clear to me that he is incredibly inspired by them as creators and as people. He has nothing but positive things to say about them. "My favorite part of the song was it being a collaboration of G-Space, tiedye ky, and Pipus, who are all big musical inspirations to me. I had so much fun writing this song, and everything just flowed so naturally. I have been a fan of the original ever since I heard G-Space and tiedye ky play the song live for the first time. Grady and Kyle are good friends of mine, so when I was asked to do this remix, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I think the original song truly compliments each artist and is a great combination of all their beautiful styles to where you can truly hear each artist's unique sound."

I completely agree with Ry. All of their individual styles come through in the track and complement each other beautifully. This remix of "Space Cowboys" is something I can picture being played during the day at a warm, buzzing festival with everyone around just letting loose.

Overall, Ry wants us to know that HUMORME is a project that is all about inspiration to grow and excel in whatever you are passionate about. He said, "To not let the opinions of others determine your happiness and to first humor yourself in what your true happiness is, from there, is it just about surrounding yourself with like-minded, passionate people and going after that happiness. And if they humor you and really take the time to see you for who you are, then they will understand, and that's a beautiful thing. 'What makes you happy' is a question and statement."

Ry's remix of "Space Cowboys" is out today on Soundcloud and Audius and will soon be released to other platforms, so stay tuned!

Keep up with HUMORME and his future projects and endeavors HERE!

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