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Is Pretty Lights really Frontier Airlines? [NOT CLICKBAIT!]

Pretty Lights is back…or is he?

On April 4th, Pretty Lights announced 27 total dates for the latter half of 2023, beginning in Colorful Colorado! While some fans think this could be the best news to come out of 2023, other fans are wondering if it's too good to be true. Online speculation is wondering if Derek Vincent Smith, aka Pretty Lights, is really behind this tour at all. And all the online chatter points to the most likely culprit, Frontier Airlines.

Frontier Airlines? You can’t be serious, internet conspiracy theorists…or can you? Here are the facts:

In 2017, Derek organized and was set to headline a festival titled “Island of Light” in Puerto Rico in early December. Derek did not organize Hurricane Maria to devastate Puerto Rico in September of the same year (or did he?). Due to the destruction of Maria, Derek canceled the event. He urged customers receiving a refund to donate part of the refund to relief programs, and he himself generously donated $50,000 to relief efforts following a New Year's Eve stream he held that year (how very ahead of his time, eh?). This would prove to be Pretty Lights last NYE celebration to date, as he would disappear from the public eye a mere couple of months later, leaving no social media for fans to speculate on where he could have gone.

Radio silence.

Around the same time, Frontier Airlines famously donated 3800 cases of water to victims of the hurricane and brought refugees back to the US upon reentry. Some speculate their mutually shared passion for Puerto Rican humanitarian efforts is what initially connected the two global entities, others believe it may have come even earlier, being that they’re both based out of Denver, Colorado. But what does this have to do with DLS’s return to the stage in 2023?

Presale went live the morning after all the dates were announced, April 5th, and some

reports suggest tickets sold out in three minutes, while others are reporting tickets sold out in all 10 locations, nationwide, in under one minute. Pretty Lights fans everywhere are

reasonably upset because they seemingly never stood a chance at earning tickets, and it seems maybe none of them did. But if Pretty Lights fans didn’t buy up every available ticket in one minute, who could have?


Bots, who will price gauge the tickets to make a quick buck by reselling them to wooks all over the country. And a wooks gotta travel!

Pretty Lights only returns from hiatus once, and the initial shows are being held near Frontier Airlines headquarters in Denver. And after somebody, seemingly Frontier Airlines, gets rich on reselling these tickets to wooks ready to max out their credit cards, they’ll have very little left to spend on travel to Denver for his return show, as well as the other 8 announced destinations (Philly, Chicago, Atlanta, Brooklyn, The Caverns, New Orleans, Suwannee, and near Portland, OR). What do these cities all have in common with Denver? All of their nearest major airports are serviced by who?

You guessed it. Frontier. Airlines.

It gets deeper. So much deeper.

Remember that New Year's show in 2017? Derek disappeared later that year. Where could he have gone? Where could he have been hiding outside of the public eye? Many are alleging that Frontier Airlines may know more than they're letting on. Given that they’re both based in Denver, the barrier to nefarious activity is much smaller than if Derek was based coastally, for example, which would make him harder to take hostage. And where are people saying Derek has been for all these years? Some are saying he’s been kept in his home studio to work on music around the clock, some are saying he’s been kept under the Denver Airport for some time in a secret music recording facility designed by the New World Order and Frontier Airlines themselves, others are alleging that Derek hasn’t been with us since 2018 and Frontier is the one making charitable donations in his name (after all, we have established Frontier is a charitable organization).

But if Derek is no longer with us, how in the world can Frontier Airlines be running this tour all by themselves?

Whether he is still alive or not, the Derek that was debuted this week has an unfamiliar beard and a hood, which would be an excellent way to hide an actor playing Derek. If it is in

fact the real Derek, perhaps Frontier Airlines dressed him in a big yellow hood and unruly beard like Jesse Pinkman in season 5 of Breaking Bad because of the similarities between

their underground working and living conditions as something of an Easter Egg to conspiracy theorists.

Okay, okay. But how could some Frontier Airlines actor perform as Pretty Lights in cities all across the country as Pretty Lights without fans noticing?

One might argue Pretty Lights’ music is a soulful expression of a genius artist and human, others would argue AI in 2023 is advanced enough to be able to replicate that. In 2021, AI replicated the music of Amy Winehouse, Nirvana, and The Doors to impressive tees. And I think people would argue Nirvana's music was also a soulful expression of (many) genius humans and artists. This would also explain why Frontier Airlines targeted Derek. The fans would be dying to see him again, he’s local, and one person is easier to fake than a band or group of people. Watch for “Pretty Lights” (aka Frontier Airlines) to release AI-generated Pretty Lights tracks between now and the end of the year.

This is a lot of information with a lot of evidence. Of course, read everything and make your own inferences, but to recap:

  • Pretty Lights and Frontier Airlines are both based out of Denver, CO.

  • Pretty Lights and Frontier Airlines were both particularly concerned with Hurricane Maria relief in 2017.

  • Derek essentially goes missing in mid-2018.

  • In the meantime, AI’s accuracy grows to unseen heights.

  • This week, Derek returns with a new look and concert dates near major airports that Frontier Airlines services.

  • Tickets sell out in minutes, likely thanks to bots.

  • Bots are run by corporations.

  • Bots will resell the tickets at enormous markups (leading to enormous profits) and will cost wooks hundreds. Thousands?

  • Broke wooks will need to get to these shows somehow, so naturally, they fly with the cheapest option, Frontier Airlines.

  • The Pretty Lights run in the second half of 2023 will feature a mysteriously different-looking Derek with potentially AI-produced music everywhere.

  • Frontier Airlines will have record profits in 2023 (this is speculation).

Of course, maybe Derek got healthy and is excited to share his gift with the world again and continue bringing tears of joy to his fans across this country. Or maybe we follow the money and see everything leads back to Frontier Airlines. It is your job as a consumer to make these distinctions for yourself and not leave it to Solace Fam to tell you what to believe. I’m just saying there's some stuff out there if you do your own research. And thanks to the fine people at OpenAI for their work on ChatGPT who helped me do all my research for this piece.

Frontier Airlines has declined to comment regarding this matter.

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