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Protohype’s Underdog Records Releases Debut Compilation ‘THE PACK’ Vol. 1

December 14, 2020 | Lindsey Blakley

When Max Hype or Protohype first dropped in the music scene, it was all about hip hop. Soon, the 22-year-old coined a new genre in bass music – Dub Hop. He combines gritty dub with chest-rattling drums that create a sound that gets him recognition throughout the hip hop and bass community. Max is also recognized for his ungodly extensive catalog of free music all over the internet.

He recently took on a new venture with his label, Underdog Records. The label released just around a year ago, and this Wednesday, their first-ever compilation drops! Underdog Records released ‘THE PACK’ compilation list on Friday. Man, is it stacked with names from the underground, with tracks from Blurrd Vzn, Seromora & Riptidal, Jinx, and more. Protohype himself will also appear on the compilation.

If the compilation is even remotely close to the insanity that Protohype has blessed the world with, then we are in for a real treat. ‘THE PACK’ compilation vol. 1 drops Wednesday, December 16th. Be sure to hit the pre-save link below to get the compilation the moment it drops!

For those that caught the premiere over at Headbang Society, Seromora & Riptidal’s track, ‘Ogygia’ is a level of trippy that I’ve personally missed in the music scene this year. The intro brings a nature vibe complete with drops that slam you back down to earth quickly, in all the best ways. Click here to check out Headbang Society’s premier write-up and link to the track!

To pre-save ‘THE PACK’ compilation vol. 1 click here!

Keep up with Underdog Records!

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