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Ready For Time-Warping Bass?

February 25, 2021 | Lucy O'Brien

Viskus is here to show us what true viscosity in a track is all about. Nick Krauskoff, or better known as Viskus, demonstrates all types of heavy, mind-warping bass sounds in his new EP titled ‘Speleology’ released by Wubaholics! I had the pleasure of chatting with the Detroit-born, Dallas residing DJ about one of his tracks titled ‘Ghostly Grotto’ (featuring Chauk)!

I always wonder if an artist has a specific concept/vision before creating a track or if they paint the picture during or after the work is finished. Nick surprised me when he told me he and Aaron Landers, or better known as Chauk, had a particular idea going into the making of ‘Ghostly Grotto.’

Nick says, “The process that went into ‘Ghostly Grotto’ was centered around the concept of cinema and how we could make this one song as pictorial as possible. This track was the first track on ‘Speleology’ that we worked on and completed as a team. It paved the way and birthed the concept for the rest of the EP.”

The song is a perfect mixture of eerie (drains dripping and their echos), vocals insinuating portals to an unknown place with human sacrifice, and just plain old viscous, time warping, goosebump triggering bass.

Nick adds, “While we were writing ‘Ghostly Grotto,’ a story emerged in my mind. I saw this adventure before me that turned into one big story that is the EP as a whole. The four tracks are each a different tale, but all are enriched with depth and direction. The story itself is an adventure that four cave explorers embark on, only to find themselves lured into a trap by one of the others. An ancient relic is found, and the battle for ultimate power begins.”

I think this is such an intriguing concept for an EP; it’s so specific and focuses on one of your own turning on you. How would you feel? How would the music feel and sound? How disorienting would it be for one of your own to go against you in a time of purity and quest to seek knowledge about our planet’s nooks and crannies?

Listen to Speleology to experience it yourself!

Viskus has a few collabs in the works, a few singles, some releases on hush-hush labels, and an EP with Ravenscoon!

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