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ROTO's 'Gap' Will Teleport You Straight to Your Sacred Space

December 6, 2020 | Lindsey Blakley

The holidays are fast approaching, which means stress levels inevitably rise. Those looking for solace can find it here, as promised! Today we look at our good friend Matt Sanger, known in the music community as ROTO. His latest release, 'Gap', has that light feel to it that can help anyone learn to enjoy the gap of their own mind and fall into a meditative state.

One could think of it as a place called ROTO's Gap rather than a track because it invites the listener to marinate in the unknown space of their own consciousness. The track isn't all rainbows and relaxation, though. The heavy bass works synonymously with each sound in the track to keep you grounded just enough to realize just how healing ROTO's 'Gap' is.

In a short interview, Matt shared his go-to plug-ins were Omnishpere and Chromaphone2. However, he goes on to explain that most of the sounds heard in the track are chopped and cut samples. One might call his writing process scattered because he never really has a set game plan. However, it's this type of creative process that allows him enough freedom to get lost in the flow, and at the end of the day, it's the flow of things that conjures the real magic of the universe.

One sample stands out to him in particular. He stated, "What I like most about the track is probably at 2:20 that vocal sample gives me goosebumps."

Matt revealed to me later in the interview that the vocal samples are actually his own vocals! To continue, he explained that adding vocal samples into his music is something he loves to do.

"I'm always looking for vocalists to collaborate with," he finished. And those looking to do so can easily reach him via email or any of his social accounts, all of which are linked below!

As far as 'Gap' goes, this is by no means the last we will see of Matt. He plans to continue working hard to put together a small EP in the near future, but his long-term dream is to create a collaborative space where he and the creatives he's closest with can make music.

Until then, Matt's latest track – and the rest of his Soundcloud catalog – just might keep you entranced long enough to get through the stressful holidays. He is still new to the scene, but ROTO is an artist with great potential and passion that will take him far.

Matt would like to note that any producers or artists that are looking for audio engineering services can feel free to reach out, stating his, "DMs are wide open."

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Click here to listen to 'Gap'!

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