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Snowta 2022 Was One For The Books

Photographer: Joe Create

After all the travel chaos that ensued over the week leading up to New Year's, I was so grateful to touch down in Minneapolis with no issues on Friday morning, December 30th. The airport was filled with like-minded humans heading to Snowta as well and everyone was high fives and smiles. I could barely hold back my excitement, and still had hours till show time.

Everyone was so happy to be together, especially knowing we were all about to witness an epic weekend of frequencies. We arrived a little later at the venue on Friday and caught the end of Kukan Dub Bass’s set, which was honestly nothing I was expecting (it was also my first time seeing this talented soul). But it only makes sense with a name like that that the set was packed with energetic bass lines. After that, it felt like things got more downtempo with Boy De Bhajan, which was totally fine with us knowing we had Chee b2b kLL sMTH and Jade Cicada coming up shortly. Bluetech came on next and wow, just wow. He truly took us on a journey, it was a soft, ethereal one that felt like that tight hug from a friend after not seeing them for a long time.

Photographer: Joe Create

From there, things got bonkers, Chee and kLL sMTH put their feet on the gas and did not let off for a single moment, they even blessed us with the kLL SMTH and CharlestheFirst’s collaboration, “The Undoing,” spreading his energy across The Armory. Jade Cicada came on from there and closed out the night on an absolutely proper note. He’s a creative soul, and his music stands out with every element that makes up his tracks.

Night 2 definitely brought the energy, we got there early that evening and I’m so grateful we did. Everyone that night did not come to play, the sets had everyone's feet moving from the moment the night began to the moment it ended. BOGGDOGG was easily one of our favorite sets, Boggtrotter on the scratching and DRRTYWULZ on the decks was an absolutely lethal pair. I cannot wait until I’m lucky enough to catch a set from them again. Resonant Language was after that and oh boy my jaw was on the floor. After that, we got blessed with a wild KLO set and the dirtiest, fattest stash pad for the ball drop. Kursa was on after that and his set was deep and nasty. Closing out the night was the one and only Tipper, this was only my 4th set (my first time seeing him was at T&F Suwanee last year), and wow. It’s honestly hard to find the words to describe what we witnessed. From the energy in the crowd to his arsenal of a discography, that set was one for the books.

Photographer: Joe Create

On top of all the amazing sets we saw, the VJs absolutely smashed it! I feel like they don’t always get the recognition they deserve when it comes to posts like these, so shout out to each and every one of them for pleasing our eyes while our brains were squeezed. Spectrum One, Polygon Rainbow, ZSPACETREE, Tüs, Jonathan Singer, Ivy Visuals, Digital Windowpane, Birdsigh, Vanderreel, Truffula, and Fractal Visions.

Snowta was an NYE I will never forget, from the venue, the music, and the company. It was an incredible weekend and made me extra grateful to exist at the same time as these sounds.

Photographer: Joe Create

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