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Solace Brings The Sound to New Places with NEXUS and HYPNOS Events

We over at Solace are super excited to announce our weekly 21+ event series in Indianapolis - NEXUS as well as HYPNOS - taking place in Cincinnati.

We love having the opportunity to spread the sounds of artists that we love, and this is another great way for us to do that, while connecting with all of YOU! While Solace has already been throwing events, our founder Isaac (UJUU) has been wanting to make them a consistent thing, and now his dream is coming to fruition. With these events being in smaller venues (250 cap) it will give areas like Indianapolis and Cincinnati a chance to really grow as a community and create spaces to enjoy the music we all know and love. The goal behind NEXUS and HYPNOS is to give smaller artists and our friends a chance to have their music heard, as they truly deserve.

With NEXUS and HYPNOS both being in smaller clubs of under 250 capacity I think this will really be a great opportunity to get new fans involved and build the scenes in Indiana and Ohio. After a few months of consistently doing these shows I would like to throw some bigger style events like Electric Wave or even a camping music festival. But it takes hard work and building up a devoted and passionate fan base. - Isaac

The NEXUS events will be taking place every Wednesday night at the Patron Saint in downtown Indianapolis. We are kicking things off on Wednesday, November 30th with a stacked lineup featuring an UJUU “AUGMENTATION SET”, Protial, Sayuh, Arkzen, and LYNY headlining the show.

The week after that is going to be very special, with MYTHM’s debut set in Indianapolis! Along with DAGGZ, dêtre, and Kayruda. Both of these events are brimming with talent and we couldn't ask for a better group of artists to help us kick things off.

Tickets are on sale now for both shows, so be sure to snag them ASAP! You can find them in the link below, as well as everything else regarding NEXUS, HYPNOS, and Solace.

For anyone looking to headline or support any of the NEXUS and HYPNOS events, you can fill out our form.

We appreciate all of your support and look forward to seeing you on the dancefloor!

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