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Subtronics Is About to Murder the Scene With His New Label Cyclops Recordings

December 7, 2020 | Lucy O'Brien

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Jesse Kardon, better known as Subtronics, has made quite the footprint in the bass scene since his career took off. He is a profound DJ who uses his platform in such an uplifting, generous, and progressive way. This is proven time and time again as we see him constantly putting underground artists on the map and building genuinely personal relationships with his loyal fan base (hell, he even gets on live and smokes herb with us)!

Photo Credit: Ching Chen

All of the above he does while SERIOUSLY maintaining his brand with interactive streams where he shows his creative process with track production and virtual and drive-in shows!

This past week, he cleverly announced his new label Cyclops Recordings by sending out mysterious, teaser emails to the DJs who have been “chosen,” causing a huge buzz all over socials. Not only is he dropping his new label, but a massive compilation featuring over 20 artists and three different genres. It’s only right that the compilation is coined the name ‘Boot Camp’ because after getting your face melted in three different languages, we’ll feel like we went through bootcamp, that’s for sure.

Teaser videos showcase a High Knees Headquarters branch, with tunes from Al Ross, LEOTRIX, and Akeos. Think high-knee jumping as a form of dancing to these more riddim, bouncy sounding tracks.

You get it ;)

Comparatively, Psychedelic Division has tracks from Eazybaked, Smith., and G-Space that might show us what it’s like to be more on the trippy train. Finally, Heavy Artillery features songs by Calcium, Nosphere, and Level-Up that will more than likely blow our faces off.

Jesse also has a track in all three genres, proving his astounding versatility at producing.

As one can imagine, launching your own label is cause for celebration. Subtronics and a few other artists from the compilation are doing a three-night drive-in fest at NOS Event Center in California. Be one of the last people to get a ticket here!

He has stated on his socials that Cyclops Recordings is a platform to give talented artists the vision they deserve that may not have fit in elsewhere. During such a strange time in our lives, Cyclops Recordings restores our faith in the community, excites us for the future of bass music, and seems like a fun oasis to turn to when we feel overwhelmed. Stay tuned for ‘Boot Camp’ compilation Friday, December 11th.

We realize the wait is too much to bear for some of you (me), so here is a link to pre-save ‘Boot Camp’ so you get it the second it drops!

Keep Up With Subtronics & Cyclops Recordings HERE!

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