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Thank God Violet Moons Didn’t Have To ‘Hex a Man’ Today!

March 26, 2021 | Lindsey Blakley

I fear the man that dares cross these women.

Can you say, “women empowerment”?! We are taking things in a slightly different direction this week with Violet Moons’ debut single, “Hex a Man.” You heard that right. This psychedelic indie, woman-duo is here to pave a new path for witchy, soulful bands. As a band, they are new to the scene, but it’s clear the music runs deep in both Aubree Riley and Kierra Bronson.

These two are also great friends, first and foremost, which only seems to fuel their creativity. I can only imagine how their jam session hang-outs go, but after speaking to them briefly, they both seem to stay pretty open-minded about the entire process of creating a track. Since they both are singer/songwriters, they typically mess around with chords until one of them hears a melody. Once they have that locked in, they both bring forth potential lyrics to fit the vibe and pair well melodically.

They both admire experimenting with different chord changes as well, so this back-and-forth process works well for them. It’s as if their natural harmony stirs the cauldron to create that perfect potion of a track. At least, that’s what seems to have happened with “Hex a Man.”

Kierra plays the piano and synthesizer, while Aubree shreds the acoustic or electric guitar. And, of course, they both contribute to the vocals as well. As a duo, they worked closely with friends to add in the bass and drums to the track, two spots they hope to fill in the future but aren’t rushing the process. They will rely on the magic of the universe to conjure that one up. ;)

The amount of creativity these two bring to the table is astounding. They claim to still be experimenting with finding “their sound,” as some songs tend to sound spacey-folk while others are more indie-pop. When maybe, this might be the lane-paving I mentioned above.

Violet Moons is definitely the dark-indie, folk, psychedelic, witchy, women-empowering band of our generation… FINALLY!

Lol, try fitting that in an Instagram bio.

In all seriousness, it is hard to box this band into a specific category, but when you hear their vibe, it’s clear to see they don’t need a box. They are creating their own. They are bringing music to Spotify that Spotify hasn’t even heard yet.

When I asked them what the song means to them, this is the answer I got, “The song encapsulates a middle finger to basically any wrong-doing we’ve encountered from a man. LOL. It’s not a song about hating men… we love men, but the song paints a picture of taking back power from times in which we have felt inferior.”


It’s so easy to lose yourself in someone else, especially when you feel the love is mutual. Then, when it turns out that the man or woman (to be fair) has another agenda, it takes a piece of you. You have to literally ask for the piece of yourself back if you ever want to be whole again, truly whole. And that’s what this song is.

They continue, “It’s almost a comical metaphor. We joked around for a while about ‘hexing men,’ and then once we had the music together, we were like, ‘Ah! Let’s write this song about how badass women are!’”

So I ask you again, can you say, “women empowerment”?!

Similarly, this song can be used as an empowering anthem for ANYONE that has felt wronged by another, even if that wrong-doing was business-related, platonic, or romantic. ‘Hex a Man’ is here to cast a spell on you! Only good ones, though, promise.

If this song wasn’t cool enough, they also let me in on a little BTS (behind-the-scenes) secret symbolism. Once the lyrics seemed to magically and harmoniously align, they really started working on the song overall. This was when they added in a sick little ditty by reversing the piano, which added a unique sound. For them, this symbolizes some past occurrence or hardship mentioned in the lyrics and vibe.

Aside from hopefully working with other instruments like the violin and pedals and sound effects, these two have a goal to release a nine-track album in the near future! I cannot be the only one excited about this! There isn’t a date set for the album release, but that is definitely their next goal so keep your eyes and ears out for that! They also plan to continue to push the limits and experiment with different sounds and genres, as well as collaborating and learning from other artists.

They are hungry to learn and create, to say the least.

If you haven’t heard the track yet, check it out here! Trust me. You won’t regret it. Oh yeah, and listen to it with your favorite headphones for a nice panning surprise.

Keep up with Violet Moons' growth and future releases on Instagram and Facebook!

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