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THE SCHEDULE IS IN! Wormhole Entertainment’s 8 Year Streamiversary!

December 15, 2020 | Lindsey Blakley

Wormhole Entertainment has come a long way from their humble beginnings as a happy hour gathering in Oakland, CA. Tomorrow marks the kick-off of their 5-day streamfest in celebration of the eight years they’ve blessed [more than just] the Oakland community with raw bass music, psychedelic visuals, custom stages, live art, and more.

Wormhole Entertainment is a community of like-minded individuals just looking to enjoy creative production and good company.

No wonder we love them so much here at Solace Family Records.

Each of the five days has its own theme, including day two with Wormhole’s very own Wormhole Music Group Showcase. Flip through the Instagram post below to get a look inside each day.

As you can clearly see, this lineup is STACKED with artists from the underground. Solace Family’s own, Jordnmoody and RYNS, will help close-out the streamiversary on Sunday evening.

Go ahead, take another look. ^^^

Don’t forget to tune-in to see your favorite visual artists as well!

It’s so heart-warming to see literally an entire community come together in celebration of music and community. I know all of us at Solace Family are eager to tune-in and get fully immersed in the streaming experience. There may not be ‘live’ music or art in the sense that it’s something you’ll experience in-person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have the full experience in the comfort of your own home.

Wormhole Entertainment has shown us time and time again this year how much fun music can really be on a live stream. They didn’t bow down in fear of the abrupt change in lifestyle. Rather, they adapted and overcame and have put together some of the year’s best streamfests!

Now it’s time to join in celebration of them and their success, as family ought to do!

Peep the schedule below for your favorite artists’ time slots!

Set your alarms, people! Turn on your Twitch notifications, and of course, show even more support by subscribing and donating during the event!

Oh yeah, and be sure to thank the man behind the mask, Braedon Merletti, for bringing us spacetime-ripping, mind-melting events for the last eight years!

Keep up with Wormhole Entertainment here!

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