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Wiley and SAYUH are two powerhouses in their own sub-genres of bass music, always bringing something fresh and new to everything they create. Their passion for sound and genuine energy only make everything they do that much better. While each of their styles stands out in its own way, when combined it’s a vibrant collision of frequencies that seem like they were meant to be together.

That’s exactly what went down when they came together for their latest collaboration “Sahara Trap.” There’s honestly no better track title than this one, it fits perfectly with the vivid imagery that the elements of the track painted in listeners' minds. The moment it began I found myself enchanted by a snake charmer, swaying from side to side as the sounds engulfed and wrapped around me. I could feel the sand under my feet and the warmth of the sun on my back, and from there the journey began.

Wiley and SAYUH pull you in with these deep, bouncy bass lines that intertwine perfectly throughout. Playfully joining other elements of the track that only make you crave more. Just wait till you reach the second half of the track, these two completely switch it up and throw a nasty curveball of epic and tasteful distortions.

Wiley shared a little bit about what he looks for in a musical partner and had this to say: “One thing that I’m always looking for in a collaborator is genuine energy and positivity and Matt (SAYUH) always brings both to our sessions, which just makes the creative process so much more enjoyable. This is just a plus to the fact that we make dope music together haha.”

Truer facts have never been spoken, having a genuine connection already and sharing that same energy is key to many aspects of life. Especially when it comes to making music, it just makes things flow that much better. Wiley and SAYUH go together like macaroni and cheese (with a crispy, bread crumb beat filled topping).

I think the thing that drew me to collaborate with Jackson is the friendship we developed beforehand. I’ve been a fan of his music for a while, but personally, I only enjoy working on music with someone I can also hang out with. Once we got together in the studio, we realized we have this great chemistry as songwriters and have been collaborating ever since - SAYUH

“Sahara Trap” is sure to be one of the bangers of this year, I’m truly looking forward to when I get the chance to hear it played out on a proper system. Make sure to take some time out of your day to listen!!

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