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You Need to Hear Big City’s ‘Malfunction’ From Drama Club Recordings

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

December 5, 2020 | Lindsey Blakley

Hey Solace Fam! As I’m sure you are all well aware, Spotify dropped their 2020 wrap-up for all those with premium plans. If you are one of our readers that has a premium Spotify, chances are you have seen your wrap-up already. Unfortunately for Spotify, they don’t have the scoop on Big City’s latest EP, Other Frequencies from Drama Club Recordings. I spoke with the brother duo about their track ‘Malfunction’ to get a deeper feel for the overall vibe of this three-track EP.

The Virginia Beach natives Michael and Zachary Moreno make up each half of Big City and are here to make you double-check your surroundings. The entire EP appeals to every sense in a way that triggers a trance state if you aren’t careful. I first listened to the track, ‘Push It’, and from the moment the beat hit, and I was immediately transported deep into a forest somewhere in Peru. The sound of frogs croaking all around me sent my mind through a lucid ayahuasca ceremony.

To my delight, the rest of the EP followed suit. However, ‘Malfunction’ is the track that stands out the most because it gives the listener a taste of the brilliance between Michael and Zachary.

It’s the one track on the EP that isn’t a collaboration, so the two really get to vibe out without the energy of a third party. The sounds in ‘Malfunction’ are straight-forward and “to-the-point,” as Michael and Zachary put it. The structure might be simple, but the final product is straight-up magical. It’s easy to tell that these brothers have chemistry that extends beyond their music. The two minds bounce flawlessly off one another in every fiber of the track, making the entire experience feel glitchy yet surprisingly smooth and cohesive.

Their writing process is extremely fluid as well, which is seemingly a result of the fore-mentioned chemistry. They confirmed, “Every song is a bit different as far as the writing process goes. Sometimes we have an idea for a song when we start it & do stay true to it as we go, but we mostly go in the studio blind and just keep writing until we find something we vibe with.”

It’s clear throughout the entirety of the EP that they go with the flow of the energy as they feel it, and let me be the first to tell you, it shows.

The sounds were made by the duo on Serum, but the post-processing they did is what really sends this song over the edge.

They explain, “This song sounded quite a bit different when we first started it, and honestly took a while until we ended up with something we liked. After tweaking everything a bit, we made the glitchy, high pitch lead that goes throughout the drops. It reminded us of a computer malfunction, so we immediately knew that’s the vibe we wanted to run with, and it became the theme of the ep as a whole.”

A+ fellas, A freakin’ +.

In the future, you can look for another EP or two, but their major goal for 2021 is to release a full-length LP album. Until then, they leave us with three tracks that will teleport you to places beyond time and space, which after having a year like the one we just had, is much needed. And for that, the Solace Family thanks Big City wholeheartedly.

Michael and Zachary would also like to share their thanks:

“We would like to thank Drama Club Recordings for this awesome opportunity and for believing in us & this project. And a big shoutout to our friends, family, and our team at Spicy Bois for always pushing us to do better & work harder.”

Stay tuned for more madness from Big City! Until then, be sure to check out Solace Family Records' latest Compilation below!

Keep Up With Big City

Click here to listen to 'Malfunction'!

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