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Your Neck Isn't Ready For This Excision Compilation

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

December 3, 2020 | Lucy O'Brien

Keeping the dubstep community alive, refreshed, and pacified this holiday season, Excision confirms once again that he has our full attention with his 4th compilation release from Subsidia. Night Vol. 2 is absolutely stacked with the hard-hitting tracks we were all waiting for, along with some hidden gems that we never knew we needed.

This compilation reaches all realms of heavy; it has a remix of one of the most classic headbanger tunes, 'Robo Kitty' (Excision & Downlink with Dubscribe on the remix), but it also has heavy experimental, riddim, hefty melodic, and metal sounds incorporated perfectly.

In particular, JEANIE shines with her insanely intimidating track 'Rage Fatigue' that feels like a caged wild animal being set free [big girl power], and 'Dirt Pit' by Chassi & BLUPILL reminds us of the mosh pits we so desperately need in our lives again. This song kicks off with the head-spinning build-up accompanying the violent lyrics forcing the listener to release any and all negative emotions.

Let me be the first to say; you aren't ready for the rest of this compilation.

High Zombie and CYCLOPS

The High Zombie & CYCLOPS' tune named 'Overkill' shines on this compilation, specifically. I had the pleasure of getting some direct insight from the artists themselves on their creative process.

Matt Hood [High Zombie] says, "We had wanted to write a song for quite some time. CYCLOPS sent me an epic video game-esque intro that reminded me of Need for Speed. I reworked our drops and added heavier impacted bass shots and elongated bass for extra energy and punch! He sent the project back and vice versa, but it was super fun because we're both metal-heads, so our drums and percussions were super aggressive!"

To piggyback off of that, Keith Palmieri, better known as CYCLOPS, adds, "The song started off as an edit to 'Lost it VIP' by Virtual Riot, but it quickly veered off into a heavier direction, so I started turning the idea into an original. The name 'Overkill' came about because I wanted to keep it moving down this route of making the tune just absolutely over the top as far as sound design and energy. Matt jumped on and nailed it. It came together really fast."

Psyoctave and CVPTVGON

Switching gears to one of the more experimental songs on the comp, Psyoctave & CVPTVGON's 'Computer Noises' is one of the most captivating, unique, and complex tracks on the list.

I got some background info from Brandon Patton and David Santana [Psyoctave] about 'Computer Noises'. They started off by telling me that they were big fans of Dan Dailey's [CVPTVGON] music before reaching out to him to inquire about a collaboration. They go on to say, "We wanted to make something heavy, but still fun and danceable. We finally decided on the version of the track that displayed both of our styles and sound design the most. The Smokepurrp vocals were CVPTVGON's idea which added more life and a rap element to the track."

They continued," We pitched the track to a few bigger labels and never heard back, but we did our best to market it through lifestreams and mixes to get it some attention. Subsidia asked us to sign it, and it was meant to be after that. We titled it 'Computer Noises' because neither of our brands is super serious, so we wanted a name that was meta and comical despite the serious aesthetic of the label. We feel that it is a perfect blend of trap and dubstep that's still new and fresh, so Subsidia was naturally the perfect fit."

I couldn't agree more with what they had to say about 'Computer Noises'. The rap vocals mixed with glitchy sounds on top of a rhythmic, trappy beat just oozes sex appeal, and because the track is just over 2 minutes, the replay value is through the roof.

This entire compilation is filled with a wide range of heavy dub from Subsidia that simultaneously detoxes the system of this year's bullshit while also adding the perfect amount of comfort. It's refreshing, to say the least. The compilation allows the listeners to let loose and experience the rollercoaster that is Night Vol. 2.

We can only hope for more soon!

Speaking of compilations, if you haven't heard the Solace Family Records Compilation Vol. 1 click here to listen now!

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