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Yum.yum 'From the Depths' EP Out 12/20!

December 7, 2020 | Lindsey Blakley

Remember that Solace Family Compilation Vol. 1 from a few weeks ago? Our friends Levi Grider and Brian Schuessler (yum.yum) surprised us all with the release of the first track of their ‘From the Depths’ EP scheduled to release on December 20th. Being the title track, it holds a precedent for the entire EP.

The intro to the ‘From the Depths’ track sounds as if you were just beamed to the core of Mars, and you have no choice but to watch as the spaceship flies off. If you listen closely, it almost sounds like there’s a small orchestra somewhere in the back. The track has a slow and continuous build throughout that will serve as a solid, grounding, and motivating foundation for the rest of the EP.

When asked how the writing process for the track went, Brian answered, "This one just came straight out of the aether into the pc."

If that doesn't spell out Divine Timing in motion, then I don't know what does.

Will the character in your mind make it through the depths of Mars to come out on top, stronger, and smarter than ever?

Stay tuned and subscribe to our email list so you can hear the ‘From the Depths’ EP the moment it drops!

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Click here to listen to 'From the Depths'

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