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Yum.yum’s ‘From the Depths’ EP Post-Release Reaction

December 22, 2020 | Lindsey Blakley

The Great [once-in-a-lifetime] Conjunction or Jupiter and Saturn occurred yesterday, which forces us to be real with ourselves. We are asked to take a deep look within to see who we’ve been all our lives and use what we learn about ourselves to create the dream reality we want for our future.

During my space of introspection, I chose to listen to Yum.yum’s ‘From the Depths’ EP, which actually helped the whole process. The EP asks the listener to really delve to the deepest pits of their being, but it doesn’t stop there. Throughout the EP’s entirety, the listener is continuously guided through those depths back to the surface. By the end of the EP, it’s almost impossible not to feel reborn.

As you all well know, the yum.yum duo blessed us with their EP title track about two weeks ago. Solace Family and yum.yum fans everywhere have been blastin’ the track since it dropped, and it’s fair to say we all love it…

The rest of the EP is well on its way to surpassing 1,000 plays.

The title track introduces the listener to what they can [try] to expect from their journey within. Then, the transition into the intro of the second track, ‘Reefer’ features a deep, muffled voice. One that resembles what can only be described as your personal guide through the depths.

‘Tangled Roots’ is the perfect soundtrack to describe what it feels like to navigate the tangled roots of past life karma and trauma, something that is generally a tough thing to sift through and a time of introspection when a majority of people give up. Going through the darkest parts of your soul is for the faint of heart. The vocal chops throughout the track signify the light that seems to break through the cracks of the darkness. They are the inspiration that gives the reader the motivation to continue on, the moments in time that show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

‘Omega’ is that final chapter that brings you back to who you really are. You are the Alpha to your Omega. It is your invitation to be reborn into who you are meant to be. We are all here for a reason and for a mission that is as unique as we are.

The process of growing up in modern society seems to deprogram our dreams out of us and cloud our minds with distractions. Yum.yum’s EP is that guided journey that reminds us of why we are here and unites us with our truest potential.

I’m telling you, if you haven’t yet, it’s time to give these guys a listen!

Give the EP and the rest of Yum.yum's catalog here!

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